I have always been passionate about art and photography and I have a background in art, design and photography. I am passionate about visual storytelling as well as creating a dramatic and cinematic mood whilst maintaining authenticity in the images I produce.

My style has been influenced by ideas and concepts that I have learned and experienced whilst living and working in both Europe and the far east.

I have worked with the public for most of my life therefore, I am able to communicate and make people feel comfortable and at ease as I assist them to pose and position themselves in ways that will capture their strongest features and expresses their personality so as to create a striking image and memorable image.

I find inspiration in old paintings and photographs with natural and dramatic lighting. And I have the technical skills and artistic flair to comfortably work with a variety of lighting scenarios.

I am is based presently in Plymouth England and I graduated from Plymouth College of art.

My work has appeared in publications, articles and promotions such as Cambodia’s Fashion Lab magazine, Krorma- a Japanese tour guide, Apex a Cambodian/Japanese tour guide, Bangkok Airways Fah Thai inflight magazine, Saomao social enterprises and Rajana Arts and crafts promotions.

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