31662259_10156231308262510_8452627429599477760_nI am a British photographer with over 25 years of experience in documentary and portrait photography.  I have lived half of my life in the Orient which has given me a unique professional background.

I graduated from Plymouth College of Art and Design and my arts background benefits the observation and composition of my images.

My Photos capture atmosphere, character, mood and spirit, they are intended to be visually interesting and to stimulate imagination and questioning

My work has appeared in  publications, articles and promotions such as: Cambodia’s Fashion Lab magazine,  Korma, a Japanese tour guide,Apex a Cambodian/Japanese tour giude, Bangkok Airways Fah Thai inflight magazine, Saomao and Ammo promotions, Rajana Arts and crafts promotions.

I have been a guest speaker at The Women in Photography & Film Devon and Cornwall and at the 9th angkor photo festival selected my series on electricians to be exhibited.

If you like my portfolio and are interested in booking me as your photographer then I’d love to hear from you.

To get in touch with me simply fill in your details using my contact page or social media.


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